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For more experienced Project Team Leaders and Tender (BID) managers who manage complex projects and lead cross-functional teams of internal staff, external contractors, vendors; who complain “people are the most difficult part of the job”.

Advanced course integrates classic project management tools with ‘soft skills’ for better people/team leadership and business skills to (a) increase productivity (b) reduce time to market (c) control costs to (d) complete more complex projects faster and profitably, meeting customer quality expectations on sponsor’s schedule – with less risks, resources and morale problems.

PCI GLOBAL GAME and TEAM – BASED COURSES: We teach Project Management – at 3 levels – with simulated projects online, complete with activities, resources, risks, costs, and reports. Even simulate people to lead; some good – some new. Each simulation now stored in the cloud, deployed directly to leader laptops worldwide with tools for USN, DOD, UNITED TECHNOLOGIES, SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC, REGENERON, ROCKWELL COLLINS in USA, France (in French), UK, Spain (in Spanish), KSA, Dubai, Mexico, Canada, Korea, and Thailand learning increases of 24.8% to 106.7%.

TEAM BASED LEARNING: Students work and learn in 3-4 person teams throughout the class: in classrooms or in “breakout rooms” online. Instructor teaches soft skills, with practice and feedback and hard tools and reports. DECISION MAKING. students in (virtual) teams debate, make and input decisions to integrate project management with people team leadership in order to complete their copy of the simulated project; faster and cheaper than other teams. CLICK, 1 week passes in 2 minutes. SEE INSTANTLY on screen what worked, what failed. Report daily to other teams on results, mistakes made and lessons learned to multiply learning. Discard fails; retain what worked to apply on next real project. Includes ALL materials needed. Compress 4 months of project team leadership experience into 16 hours.

Key Learning Points – Leaders Will Learn, Practice and Apply:


  • Integrate Project Management with People / Team Leadership Skills
  • Increase project team productivity & quality
  • Analyze human resources assigned; skills, pay
  • Manage scope and specifications
  • Build Skills Matrix & Responsibility Matrix
  • Select and manage vendors, sub-contractors
  • Procure equipment on a timely basis
  • Run a project as a business for profitability
  • Risk Analysis Abatement & Mitigation
  • Manage specificatiion and configuration changes
  • Acquire new resources; add to staff
  • Prepare and present scorecard results


  • Motivation and Morale: Morale Model
  • Assign people to work and overtime via Skills Matrix
  • Build a team out of individuals
  • Communicate with team, customers
  • Build Skills: Train and coach team personnel
  • Training vs. Coaching: Benefits of each
  • Emotional Intelligence: Best Boss vs Worst Boss
  • Why people do not perform to their abilities
  • Craft messages to improve performance without adverse morale impacts
  • Communicate with 4 generations in today’s workforce
  • Coaching team-mates to improve performance
  • Apply soft and hard tools to next real project team

Recommended for:

Project Managers and Tender (BID) Managers (current and future), with 2+ years of experience, who will forcast costs and manage cross-functional teams of internal staff, contractors and vendors to complete complex technical projects in information management, engineering, operations, research & development and marketing on schedule and in budget.

Foundations Course or PMP® and 2+ years Project Management experience.


PDU Credits:

16 hours



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