Learning Methodology

Computerized Business Simulations in a Team-Based Learning Model

All PCI computerized business simulation courses are hands-on, engaging, interactive, instructor-led courses built around computerized business simulations of key processes in your business.

You will not learn to swim by listening to a lecture on swimming. Until you get in the water and splash around – you will not know what it means to swim. Lectures alone do not bring the student into conscious contact with the learning. For example, it is only when a student actually manages a project that they will know what it means to manage a project.

The only way for a student to experience learning on multiple levels is to re-create all the intricacies of the workplace within the training experience.

Computer Simulations are models of the real world that recreate the work, plans, decisions, reports, problems, people and pressures of a particular work environment.

Computerized Business Simulations – Research Based
Instead of slow moving lectures, cases, videos or “page turning” e-learning, we’ve built a series of computerized business models of:  

1) projects and teams
2) operation and customer service centers
3) basic workgroups and departments
4) complete businesses

Each is based on research of actual enterprises in services and industry that model the activities, resources, costs, constraints, crisis events, reports and decisions in your world.  We even simulate people; some effective – some not.

 New Team-Based Learning Model
30% of the time “in class”, and
70% managing their simulated business

Instead of struggling alone, students work and learn in 3-4  person business teams.  They apply and integrate:

1) hard tools, and
2) “soft” people/team leadership skills, with
3) business acumen

They apply tools (included) and make “real world” decisions with immediate feedback on results; so they learn – and retain – what works and what does not.  Our computerized simulations compress 3-12 months of business experience into 2-3 actual days.

Tools and Applications

PCI provides 7-16 electronic tools and templates in each class.  We help clients build customized application process around their methodology and life cycle to ensure graduates of each course use the tools back on the job – within weeks of graduation.

The PCI Global Learning Experience

Instead of boring lecture classes and elearning, PCI classes are built around digital simulations of a business or project in a team based learning environment for an engaging learning experience. Because it is fun, we believe that people learn faster and with more retention.

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