Healthcare Testimonials


After being in Management for 14 years, I didn’t think I would learn anything new. A lot of information was reinforced in an exciting simulation. I also learned so much. The instructor was Great!
CIGNA, Operations Leadership

Unlike any course I have ever attended, but by far one I have learned the most at.
CIGNA Healthcare, Operations Leadership
Will recommend this highly to those who haven’t taken it yet. Best use of training time ever.
Metlife Boston, Project Leadership

I have had many, many instructors (I have a PHD) and Jack is the best I’ve had. He taught more in 3 days that will stick with me than I was taught during an entire quarter for many courses. Fast paced, efficient, challenging!
CIGNA, Operations Leadership
Absolutely excellent course. I have learned so much that I don’t think it’s actually sunk in yet, (I’m sure its been absorbed by osmosis) and hope to use what I’ve learned effectively.
CIGNA, Operations Leadership
This was an exciting and stimulating course that regenerated my enthusiasm regarding problem solving in everyday life not just business!!
CIGNA International, Project Management Foundations
I appreciate the opportunity to take this course. I was an enjoyable learning experience. Thank You!
Psychological Corporation/Harcourt, Project Management Foundations

Short, very informative and allows for team interactivity, intra-team competition allowing for individual goals. Excellent Simulation.
MetLife, Project Management Foundations