Finance Foundations


Bottom-Line Finance Foundations Fact Sheet
Bottom-Line Finance Foundations Course Outline

This one day class introduces basics of finance, accounting and business decision making. After a careful orientation to the three basic financial reports – income statement, balance sheet, and cash flow statement – participants learn how to read, interpret, and analyze the vital data they provide. Then participants analyze your company’s financials. There is also a careful review of key performance metrics with direction on how to calculate key ratios such as return on investments and assets. These are brought together in one classic integrated model putting the pieces together to facilitate sound, financially-based business decisions.

Learning Model – This type of course is usually taught using dry lectures, long cases and pre-existing reports, which students tear apart trying to place and remember where each number came from. This method only creates confusion and apathy.

In PCI’s Business Acumen Foundations, students work and learn in a unique team-based model. Each team works through a computerized simulation of a start up business with blank dynamic financial reports, NOT a board game manually pushing chips to show money flow. They make real life business decisions to raise capital, borrow funds, set prices, hire staff and order equipment. They enter their own decisions into the simulation which immediately flashes on screen the accounting and financial implications of each decision on each line of each key report; so your people see, learn, and retain.

They can even toggle back and forth between reports, and choose to study reports in numbers or as a fast-moving bar chart. They run the
start-up business for months in one real time day. They leave this hands-on course with months of basic finance learning, integrated and retained, to be applied back on the job any time thereafter.

Key Learning Points:

  1. Learn Basics of Finance
  2. Analyze a Balance Sheet – Assets, Liabilities, Owner’s Equity
  3. Analyze Income and Expense Statements – Revenues and Costs
  4. Analyze Cash Flow Statement – Sources and Uses of Cash
  5. Financial Metrics – Return “Ratios” such as Return on Investment, Assets
  6. Learn how Global Enterprises ‘Account’ for each dollar they take in and spend
  7. Integrate all 3 Reports and key metrics into one clear, comprehensive financial picture of a business
  8. Make Basic Business Decisions – Raising capital, hiring staff, borrowing money and purchasing supplies with immediate feedback on results

Recommended For:
Everyone who needs to speak the language of business and acquire basic finance, accounting and business decision-making skills. A perfect stand-alone class or as an “add-on” to existing courses. Ideal for Leadership and Professional Development curricula.



1 day