Supervisors & Team Leaders


Supervisors & Team Leaders Course Fact Sheet

Supervisors & Team Leaders Course Outline

Curriculum Overview:
Hands-on Learning Model. Participants work and learn in a real-time, simulated work environment. Participants learn and practice leadership in a live, leaderless team of 3-4.  Each “live” team collectively leads a “virtual” team of 5 diverse simulated employees who vary in skills, experience, and motivation with reports on workflow, errors, delays, crisis events, and costs. Participants learn and practice “soft skills” with feedback and scores. Then they learn how to use the Bottom-Line Tool Kit, in class, with “hard” electronic tools and metrics to apply back on the job. They integrate both sets of tools to effectively lead people and teams in a scorecard world. They make decisions to achieve “more with less”: more productivity & service-quality with fewer staff and costs, with immediate feedback on results from performance and financial reports.  The simulation compresses months of real supervisory experience into 3 days. Fully customizable to your business.

Participants learn to communicate with all generations in your workforce, especially Gen ‘Y’ and ‘X’.  They craft messages to convey desired targets and behaviors without offending staff. They analyze work and measure performance against standards. They build a skills matrix to organize work, then learn and practice how to: (1) coach people to improve performance, (2) counsel to solve people problems, and (3) discipline when counseling fails.

Participants master 2 key roles: #1 Productivity Manager and # 2 People/Team Leader while learning to read simple management reports including basic financials to achieve MORE WITH LESS; more service-quality and productivity with fewer staff and costs.

Key Learning Points:

  • Hard Skills
    • Analyze jobs, work standards, capacity
    • Know “Why people do NOT perform?”
    • Analyze skills, skill ratings & the skill matrix
    • Track and measure performance
    • Set team and individual goals
    • Create development plans
    • Achieve “more with less”; get increased productivity & service-quality
    • Apply performance management process 

    Soft Skills
    • Communicate with all generations in your workforce
    • Motivate Gen “Y” and Gen “X”
    • Craft a message to convey targets & behaviors without offense
    • #1 Productivity Manager
    • Coaching – guide individuals to improve
    • Demonstrate/model desired behaviors
    • Give feedback – timely and constructive
    • Role #2 People/Team Leader
    • Learn stages of team development
    • Counsel employees to solve problems
    • Apply training and on-the-job skills
    • Understand motivation and morale
    • Discipline when counseling fails

Recommended for:
Supervisors from all functions in any organization, who (will) lead teams of people and who have had little or no recent formal training in this tough front line leadership job.

Length:  3 days