Financial Testimonials


This was one of the few courses offered through Merrill Lynch that kept me motivated and eager to learn more. This is probably attributable to the more “hands on” nature and deliverable-driven agenda.
Merrill Lynch, Operations Leadership

Extremely well thought out and executed use of software to simulate real life operation experiences.
JPMorganChase, Project Management Foundations
I was really not looking forward to this class! I was and am SO delighted that I came. Great information.

Best, most rewarding and entertaining course I have done!
JPMorganChase, Project Leadership
Very well presented in a relaxed atmosphere. “Hands On” learning very beneficial in comparison to lecturing.
JPMorganChase, Project Management Foundations

An excellent course – Really makes you think around your options in work and assigning the right people to the right task.
JPMorganChase, Supervisory/Team Leadership
It was great, fun way to learn project management. I brought back lessons both tactical and humanistic. Linda is energetic, knowledgeable, helpful, and approachable. A+.
Goldman Sachs, Project Management Foundations

Finally a course that I can apply to my everyday duties.
Chase Manhattan, Operations Leadership
Was the computer simulation a good feature? Why? Excellent.  It was a tremendous tool for making decisions and analyzing their results. All while featuring a very easy to work with interface. As a software developer and instructor of project management, I am very impressed with the quality and performance of this tool.
Bank One, Business Leadership

Fantastic instructor. Very well led, time was well organized. Just enough guidance given, right level of informality.
Citibank, Project Management Foundations
Excellent, should have been exposed to this course sooner.
Citibank, Project Management Foundations

Great job instructing, your positive attitude and genuine interest helped motivate/move the class.
Citigroup, Project Management Foundations
The instructor was excellent. Her interpersonal and presentation skills were superb.

Again, enjoyed the company comparison’s. I always feel “Real Life” situations are value added. Thanks.
Merrill Lynch, Project Leadership
Tool-kit very cool, great program for those less experienced supervisors and leads as a first course to take when promoted or brought on board.
JPMorganChase, Supervisory/Team Leadership

This course will be very helpful in the decisions made on a daily basis in my current job and future positions.
JPMorganChase, Supervisory/Team Leadership
The course speed was on point. I appreciate the “adult” learning style used for this course.
Chase Cardmember Services, Supervisory/Team Leadership

It is an excellent class. I loved the format and the technology of the simulated team.
Chase Cardmember Services, Supervisory/Team Leadership
The class was very beneficial to my position and helped me to better understand the more affective ways to manage a team.
JPMorganChase, Supervisory/Team Leadership

I was able to work, exchange ideas and learn from four individuals not related to my line of business.
JPMorganChase, Supervisory/Team Leadership
The program has made me rethink how I use my time as a manager. To enhance the efficiency of my department I need to learn how to allocate my resources. This was a great planning tool.
JPMorganChase, Operations Leadership
I thoroughly enjoyed this class. I found it very interesting and extremely valuable. This was truly one of the best, most useful classes I have taken.
JPMorganChase, Operations Leadership
This has been one of the best courses I have taken to date. I have been with this company for over 9 years and I truly enjoyed the class.
JPMorganChase, Project Management Foundations
A big eye opener as to what managers roles should be and how I can better contribute to the success of my department.
JPMorganChase, Supervisory/Team Leadership

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