Multi-Project Management


Multi Project Management Fact Sheet
Multi Project Management Outline


For senior project managers, junior program managers and middle managers who coordinate multiple single projects and programs of interrelated projects; coordinate multiple vendors, contractors and stakeholders who allocate scarce resources among them in a matrix organization. Stresses the leadership skills, project management tools and management information systems required to be effective in today’s rapidly changing, intensely competitive, cost conscious marketplace.

Participants work in 3-4 person program teams taking the roles of program and multi-project manager. They manage a rich computer simulation of multiple projects and programs with multiple resources, vendors and contractors – even simulates people to lead.

Each simulated week, every team reacts to real-life challenges and risks, setting priorities, goals and budgets and assigning scarce resources to critical activities. Sponsors and stakeholders create pressure to get “their project” done on time, delaying or even canceling other projects.

Computers provide immediate feedback on results so teams can measure results on project schedules, cost and quality. Electronic tools, learned in class, are applied back on the job.

Key Learning Points:

Throughout the course, attendees learn, practice and get feedback in the following skill areas:

– Program Management Competencies
– Aligning Programs with Business Strategy
– Multi-Project Decision Making
– Simulation Orientation and Decision Making
– Management Presentations
– Program Organizational Structure
– Stakeholder Management
– Communications Management
– Change Management
– Management Presentations
– Matrix Management
– Interface Management
– Optimization
– Program Close-out
– Final Management Presentation

Recommended for:

Senior project managers and relatively new program managers who coordinate multiple single projects and programs of interrelated projects and allocate scarce resources among competing projects in a matrix organization. Managers with multiple budgets and spend plans. Middle managers who are responsible for large-scale strategic initiatives.



PDU Credits:

Completion of (IT) Project Management and (IT) Project Leadership Courses

3 days