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For true project managers leading cross-functional teams of internal analysts, contract programmers and hardware/software vendors. They learn business decision making, processes for software development, people/team leadership skills, budgeting, risk management, software quality assurance, configuration, change, version and release control. They master tools to move up in Capability Maturity Model levels and apply PMI®‘s Ten Knowledge Areas to increase their team’s productivity, quality, functionality and cost control.

Features a computer model of a complex technology project complete with tasks, costs, constraints, decisions and crises. It even simulates people, some effective and some not. Integrates PMI®‘s A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK® Guide) with Carnegie Mellon/SEI’s Five Level CMM.

Participants lead two teams, one live and one simulated. They work together as a project team to raise productivity and software quality planning from initiation to closedown. They make decisions to achieve sponsor functionality and software quality targets. A computer analyzes decisions and provides immediate feedback on results, so participants learn to manage change, version and release control, all from the results of their own decisions.

“The Bottom-Line Tool Kit” and customized Post-Graduate Process ensure immediate application back on the job. Over eleven Fortune 500® IT organizations use these PCI courses.

Key Learning Points:

  • Apply five-step planning process with tools for better software management, software development, system integration, quality
  • Reduce elapsed time and post-release defects rate within sponsor functionality
  • Requirements gathering; prototyping and modeling requirements
  • Human Resource Plan – staff acquisition, skill building and morale management
  • Increase project team productivity and quality; apply resource leveling
  • Scope and specification setting; risk analysis and management
  • Configuration, change, version and release control
  • Communicate with sponsors, stakeholders and end users
  • Business decision making – set budgets and control costs for profitability
  • Procurement, source selection and vendor management

Recommended for:
Project Managers and Team Leaders with 2+ years of experience who manage cross-functional teams of internal staff, contractors and hardware/software vendors on complex projects in pure software development, packaged software acquisition, migration and internet applications. For developers and end users.

(IT) Project Management – Tools (Foundations) Course or equivalent experience; pass qualifying quiz; be able to use company’s project management software at the basic level.


PDU Credits:

3 days



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